Foundation Forum by Jennifer Tolle Whiteside, NCCF CEO

A "transformative gift"

We just announced this week what we have termed a “transformative gift.”

You may have read about it in your local news media, on our website or elsewhere in this e-newsletter.

The transformative gift is a legacy bequest from Mrs. Louise Burevitch of Wilmington that is enormously generous and has the power to transform many programs and services in eastern North Carolina.  

Mrs. Burevitch’s bequest was $20 million, and as the largest single gift in our history, has made us all stop in our tracks and pause to consider the overwhelming generosity, trust and meaning of this endowment.

“Mrs. B” as we called her, lived simply. Many who knew her probably would be surprised by her wealth. This is just one interesting angle of this gift story, and that’s the idea that someone who has assets beyond our expectations and such a generous spirit could be our friend or the neighbor next door.  

Luckily Mrs. B had advisors who helped her make decisions about her resources that will impact communities in perpetuity.

This is a striking example of a transformative gift. But we see evidence of transformative gifts each day. Maybe not transformative to the extent of $20 million! But many of our gifts are nonetheless transformative. Consider these situations:

The donors who know they are dying and work to establish a fund that supports a cause or organization that was important to them and their families.  We see gifts continuing to come into these funds, and we know their healing power to rally a grieving family and keep a precious memory alive.

We see many gifts to organizations that work to fight diseases that loved ones died from years ago. This keeps the fight alive.

A scholarship is established in memory of someone who died tragically, often too young. Even decades later, the fund is still growing and the memory of this person is lifted up.

Whether your legacy is $20 million or $2,000, we believe that each of us has the power to make a transformative gift. We are here to make it easy.

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