NCCF awards $7.4 million in grants in 2012

The North Carolina Community Foundation awarded $7.4 million in grants on behalf of fundholders and affiliates in 2012, according to NCCF CEO Jennifer Tolle Whiteside.

More than 2,100 grants were administered by NCCF in 2012, a record number for the foundation, Whiteside said. The foundation administers grants for donor advised funds, community grantmaking programs through its network of 60 affiliate foundations throughout the state and other categories of funds, including those held by nonprofits, corporations, government agencies, small businesses and private foundations.

The largest grant category for 2012 was $1,797,386 for education initiatives, which included nearly $550,000 in direct scholarships to allow students to pursue post-secondary educations. (A full break-down of grant categories and amounts is detailed in NCCF’s online annual report.)

“These grants make a significant impact on communities and the lives of many North Carolinians across the state,” Tolle Whiteside said.  “It is our honor and privilege to serve as stewards of this philanthropy.”