NCCF Chairmanís Challenge totals and more

Many of you have read on our website our summary of November’s Chairman’s Challenge fund-raising campaign. Results were, in a word, stellar, said Beth Boney Jenkins, NCCF vice president for development.

To recap 2014 figures already announced:

  • A total of nearly $237,000 was received in donations to affiliates.
  • A generous match of $125,000 from anonymous donors brought the grand total to almost $362,000, a sum that will be proportionately divided among participating affiliates.
  • The increase in total dollars raised compared to last year surpassed 150%.

This is important to our state because these dollars will be used to provide a boost to local grantmaking among our affiliates, said NCCF CEO Jennifer Tolle Whiteside. “Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of our citizens,” she said.

Jenkins and her team have had some more time to examine the numbers since our initial announcement of totals and offer up a few more interesting metrics:

  • Total number of gifts received: 1,034, compared to 413 in our initial campaign in 2013.
  • Total number of participating affiliates: 49, compared to 39 in 2013.
  • Percentage increase in total dollars raised in 2014 vs 2013: 155%.
  • Percentage increase in matching funds from the pool in 2014 vs 2013: 67%.
  • Percentage increase in individual gifts in 2014 vs 2013: 155%.
  • Percentage of new donors in 2014: 35% or 344.

Top five performing affiliates in 2014 by dollar amount:

  1. Onslow (also number-one in 2013!)
  2. Yadkin
  3. Catawba Valley
  4. Robeson
  5. Montgomery

Clay was tops in 2014 by the number of gifts received (94).

“This performance is the result of the hard work of many people on the NCCF team and especially among our affiliate board members,” Jenkins said. “We would not be able to strengthen local grantmaking without their contacts, referrals, personal notes and overall great attitude about making this grassroots effort a success,” she said.

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