Online review again guides community grantmaking

Last year the Foundation introduced an online approach to the community grantmaking application and review processes, with a largely successful outcome. 

Both nonprofit applicants and affiliate foundation grants committees gave a thumbs up to most aspects of the streamlined approach. Grants online meant less paper and more efficiency, which translated to time and resources saved.

“We all gain when we can focus on mission-critical work,” said Sally Migliore, NCCF’s director of community leadership. “This process saves time for nonprofits, affiliate volunteers and our staff as well.”

Nonprofits seeking grants again in 2012 will realize additional efficiencies as agencies were able to save application information from last year.

As with any new initiative, however, there is room for improvement. While a survey distributed last summer elicited largely positive responses, there were some suggestions for improvements.

NCCF has implemented many of these ideas, with further improvement underway or planned for the future. “This is an evolutionary process, and one that we will be constantly monitoring for improvements,” Migliore said.

Some of the changes to this year’s process include:

  • Revised application content to better align questions with evaluation criteria
  • Improved questions to gauge the level of board support and engagement
  • Streamlined budget requirements for government entities, including school systems
  • Automated password retrieval

Training resources again will be available for grant-seekers and review committees via tools that will be posted on our website. The NCCF staff is also available to assist throughout the process.

Last year we reported that NCCF was one of many community foundations introducing the online system to the grants process, and the trend continues at a robust pace.

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