Foundation Forum by Jennifer Tolle Whiteside, NCCF CEO

Paving the way with good intentions

This year my resolution is all about intention. I have not made a list of resolutions, rather I am focusing this year on living with intention. Or should I say, I am attempting to live with intention.

Living with intention is a phrase that has become a galvanizing force behind an entire industry. There are books, workshops, classes and conferences. I am going to start out small, with this simple declaration. It’s a step and an important first step. Too much of our time is taken up with the unmeaningful, the distractions, the noise.  The decisions we make each day impact how we spend our time  ΜΆ  and our money. Focusing on how I can be intentional in my actions and decisions also aligns with my decision to give with more intention.

That is what we are all about at the North Carolina Community Foundation. Working with a community foundation enables you to be intentional in your giving. Working with our team to ensure your philanthropic dollars are being directed to the causes you care about, without distraction and with clear focus. Our aim is to also take care of some of the red tape that can be involved with philanthropic giving. We want to make it easy for you to align your philanthropy with your passions.

Our vehicles for philanthropy are designed so you can ensure your giving intensions are honored now – and in the future. Your legacy can honor those same intentions established when you were alive. In perpetuity. The phrase “donor intent” is very important to us at NCCF. It guides every gift we make on your behalf, whether you are here to direct your grantmaking now, or we are following gift agreements long after you’re gone.

Intentionality also guides our work in other ways at the Foundation. We are intentional with how our leadership and our team spend their time.  We take our mission and its charge very seriously: to build permanent charitable assets in communities large and small across North Carolina. There is a renewed interest in our rural communities by our state’s elected leadership and by statewide and national funders. Our team is being intentional about equity and race and how these issues of inclusiveness play a part in philanthropy. We will continue to be at the table to ensure all of our communities have a voice. That’s a big charge and one that requires commitment and a plan.

We also take seriously our service to you, our fundholders and donors. There are changes afoot in our tax laws that we will be monitoring to see how they impact charitable giving. Our state board is being intentional about our path forward and what we need to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality services to our fundholders and partners.

Your board and staff wish you the very best in 2018. We are looking forward to the opportunity to serve your intentional philanthropic needs with our own intentional, focused support.

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