Foundation Forum by Jennifer Tolle Whiteside, NCCF CEO

The celebration is over and our work goes on

We had a wonderful year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the North Carolina Community Foundation. We sincerely appreciate your congratulatory sentiments and kind acts of support.   

Although the celebration is over, our work continues as it was when we commenced in 1988 and will a century from then in 2088. Of course strategies will change and our support will evolve to keep up with the times. But the heart and soul of our work will remain essentially the same because it revolves around stewardship of the resources entrusted to us, engagement of people across the state and transformation of lives and communities.

We look forward this year to advancing the work of our Affiliate Impact Committee, implementing recommendations that will strengthen our collective work. There is an article in this edition of e-news that provides an update on their work.

We also will continue to improve our technology tools to ensure a solid donor experience. You are already seeing how we are utilizing social media to spread the good word about work being done across the state. One of the things we hear most often is an interest in what other communities are investing in and developing. Our regional-based staff is able to make these connections ─ and we anticipate that this work will expand.

NCCF Board Chairman Stuart Dorsett continues to provide steadfast leadership, with particular focus on our own endowment. The FUTURES Committee identified the NCCF endowment as the reason we were able to maintain our statewide network of affiliates, and the board is determined to grow that support to ensure that its collective impact grows.

We want to continue the conversation with you. I hope you are engaged with us through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You will be amazed at what happens each and every day through the Foundation.

In addition to social media ─ or if that’s just not your “thing” ─ we like to hear from you through all or any communications channels! Call us. Email us. Write us a letter. We have lots of news to report, but we also want to know what’s on your mind.

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